Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm hobbyless.

i just updated my bloglist on the side over there. ummm... i read way to many! these are all the blogs i try to check on a daily basis. yes, daily basis. and that's not even all of them. i have a few that i "stalk". i can't believe i just admitted that on an open forum. i need a hobby. something other than reading blogs. i'll be taking suggestions so feel free to chime in. i'll start the list...

*i'd love to learn to sew. however, i can't afford a fancy monogramming machine so i'd have to stick to sewing. but, what's a homemade outfit without a monogram or applique?
*i wish i loved to cook. but i don't. i loathe all things associated with the kitchen, except eating!
*working out. hahahahahahaha.
*gardening. i COULD do that. except for the fact that i forget to water them and they die. and then i forget to throw away the dead plants before the biggest party of my 1 year old's life. i'm sorry, olivia, for leaving a dead hanging plant outside for your party. i was more embarrassed than you, i promise!

and, that list over there, that's the reason i don't do facebook. all my spare time is spent "blogging"!

this is the most random post ever. i'm sorry. this pic should make up for it. another from her bday photo shoot... isn't she cute?!?!


  1. Hey Jessie
    EVERYONE blog stalks. It's just fun! No worries:)!

  2. You crack me time spent looking at blogs is why I'm not on facebook either :).

    And, hello!:) I think your hobby should be photography! You do a great job, and from where I sit, you seem to like it!

  3. Girl I know what you mean. I follow so many blogs, especially yours. Love catching up on Olivia! Happy Bday to her! She is so adorable!

  4. I have a solution for your workout hobby! :-) You know some people come to Stroller Strides with no baby & just their stroller?! You can still come even though you don't have O on Wednesdays!!

  5. get a plain ol sewing machine, like mine, and we can make clothes for olivia. it's fun, i promise.

  6. Hey Jessie! So glad you found my blog so that I could find yours! :) Olivia is ADORABLE!!! Looks so much like you