Sunday, May 16, 2010

party time!

we had an eventful morning deciding whether to have the party inside or outside. it never even occured to me that it could rain. it never rained but it was nasty and humid so the party ended up being indoors. it worked out fine but my "vision" for this party didn't happen b/c it wasn't outside!
the bday banner

not wanting to take a pic...

enjoying her new chair from gg & pops

opening presents and loving it!

hudson wanted to open presenst! 6 weeks til his bday!

jackie made the cake and rett made the cupcake

singing happy birthday!

loving the cake!

this was as messy as she got. such a dainty little girl!

playing with her friends and presents

she loves her new cozy coupe from jackie, brock, jenny & john

it was a fun day! i could post lots more pics but i'll spare you. i still can't believe she's a year old...

ps - i need to note that i had LOTS more decorations that my official photographer (jenny) didn't take pics of. probably b/c they were outside while we were partying inside. i guess i should have been more direct with my instructions! thanks anyway, jenny, you did a great job! i need to thank lindsey for some fantastic stickers she made for me. one was on the back of my lollipop centerpieces and said "olivia's one". the other was on the back of the party favors (cookies on a stick made to look like lollipops) and said "thanks for making my birthday so sweet". donna strickland made the cookies and they were GOOD! i just wanted to document this for olivia. :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! If it makes you feel any better, my parties never turn out the way I envision them:)!!

  2. I bet she loved it! Happy Birthday Olivia!

  3. Girl, you did not have to thank me! I LOVE all of these pictures! It looks like y'all had a blast! Stan's mom called me last night after seeing Olivia's chair and said they wanted to get Anniston one for her birthday, ha! Thanks for the idea ;). I also love her dress, banner and cake!

  4. Awww! I hate that we weren't able to come in for her party. It looks like you had a good time anyway. I love, love, love the surprise face picture!

  5. Hey girl! What size pottery barn chair is that? Is it regular or oversized? Travis wants to get her one and I have never seen one in person so I don't really know the difference! Thanks girl!