Sunday, May 2, 2010

wedding weekend!!

this is going to be a post in pictures. i don't have time and i'm too tired to do a full post. suffice it to say we had GREAT weekend and i'm still recooping. jackie was beautiful and i hope they're having a great time in mexico!
thursday night: bachelorette party at superior in shreveport!!
friday morning: me, jenny and jackie share some "sister" time with manis/pedis.
sadly, i have no photos of friday night's rehearsal / rehearsal dinner or saturday morning's brunch. so, we'll move on.

saturday: getting our hair "did" at the salon.
she's gonna kill me for this one

these two little vultures...meg said she felt like a mama bird feeding her babies! saturday: getting dressed.

kappa delta's in the wedding
saturday: taking grandmother made it from texas. this was her 2nd time to see olivia.meg clearly takes her babysitting duties seriously; reading the program while olivia roams! :) (she was awesome by the way! i highly recommend hiring a weekend babysitter the next time you have a big family event!)

and, that's where it ends. i didn't take a single picture at the reception but i had a GOOD time! the weather held off!!!!! if you're close to the fam you KNOW what we went through on friday trying to decide whether or not to move it from the norton bldg to someplace with a roof! in the end the right decision was made and it was perfect!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Of course I am a little biased towards Trinity because I grew up there and we were married there....but I think it is the prettiest place to be married. Loved looking at the pictures!

  2. Y'all looked beautiful!