Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer time!

today was my last long afternoon with olivia. at least for the forseeable future. her dad gets her on wed and thurs (well, i guess i'll get her early friday, but whatever) and i go back to work fulltime next week. to be given the opportunity to work "parttime" for a year was amazing and i obviously wouldn't trade it for the world. but, someone has to pay the bills and o isn't earning any money these days, sooo... :) anyway, i wanted to make my last long afternoon with her FUN. olivia has never been swimming. she was too small last year (she couldn't wear sunscreen until 6 mths of age and it was winter by then!) i've been waiting for this day for an entire year! i got out her baby pool; lathered on the sunscreen; suited up and headed outside! she loved it! granted, there wasn't much water but definately more than i put in her bath! she splashed and laughed and ate grass. aunt jackie ran from work real quick to come see her to! i can't wait for more pretty weekends so she can "swim" more! she's getting in her first "big" (real) pool this weekend so we'll see if she likes it as much!
i hate that i didn't realize the swimsuit ruffle was tucked in until after i took all the pics!
on a side note; i have a question for you seasoned mothers out there. i used spf 55 today (it was all i had.) i know they make up to spf 100. is that REALLY necessary? or, am i bad mom for only using the 55? what SHOULD i use?


  1. Cute pics! I have heard that SPF 15 is all you can really get no matter what the number says. I don't know if that's true...a lifeguard told me that. I don't think it matters just as long as you re-apply the sunscreen every hour or 2.

  2. I LOVE her swimsuit! And, Anniston has that hat, too! We really need to just go shopping together if we ever hang out :).

    And, I think I've heard the same thing somewhere about the sunscreen...that it doesn't matter past a certain number, so I think we're all good!

    Hope you're having a good week! :)

  3. Olivia looks too cute! We use SPF 50 for the kids, Banana Boat, I think? They had a reaction to Water Babies. I think you are good with the SPF 55, we have not had any problems.