Monday, November 15, 2010

18 months!

olivia is 18 months old today. a year and a half. where did it go??? she has the sweetest voice and i LOVE to hear her talk. she drives me crazy with doing what i tell her not to do but this too shall pass! :)
one year ago, today
words - duck (du), ball (ba), mama, daddy, bye bye, book (bo), bear, gg (my mom), pop(s) (my dad), and her newest nasty (na-neee). every once in a while she'll attempt to repeat other words but these are the ones that she knows and says on a consistant basis.
clothing - mostly 18 month, some 12 month dresses and 24 month or 2T leggings.
weight - at the doc on oct 30 she was 25 lbs and some odd ounces so probably somewhere around 26 lbs.
length - no clue
about 10 teeth but i'm pretty sure we've got some back teeth (molars maybe???) coming in.
she still doesn't watch tv no matter how hard i try! still LOVES to play outside! funny story from today - she stayed with my parents last night and at some point this morning mom saw her trying to get out the doggy door. it took her a while but she did it. and then mom stood inside at the window and watched her make her way down the steps. again, it took a while but she finally got down them. and then she ran up the deck ramp (in the rain) and raised her arms and jumped around squeeling! mom said it was like she had a taste of freedom! i so wish she was able to get pics of all this but she didn't want to "lose" her so for that i'm thankful!
i guess all kids go through this phase but she gets a kick out of doing the opposite of what i tell her. if i catch her doing something and tell her no she looks at me and smiles and goes right back to doing it. i spank her and she doesn't care. i'm kind of at a loss on this one....
i think she's starting to remember things. one of the songs we do at kindermusik has very distinct movements (crossing arms and bouncing - it's the washing machine) and o walks around doing that! it's my clue that she wants to sing that song/do those movements. and she can't get enough of it!
she is NON-STOP all day, every day. no kidding. she doesn't stop except to eat and sleep. it kinda wears me out just watching her! i really have to plan stuff for us to do every weekend that i have her b/c she will not stay inside all day long. i have to let her run out some energy!
when she's not being sneaky she really is the sweetest little girl. she loves to kiss and give hugs. i just can't get enough of her. i think she hung the moon! :)

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  1. So sweet!! Such a fun-loving little girl! They ARE growing up soo fast!