Wednesday, November 17, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

it appears as though most people have received their thanksgiving cards so i'm finally posting this!

i had the idea months ago to forgo the traditional christmas card and to do a thanksgiving card. i know i'm not the first to do this but i just wanted to do something a little different. i also knew i wanted to incorporate football into the card. i mean, football really is one of the first words that comes to mind when i hear "thanksgiving". they are both SO american! but how do i do that in one card? i was at a loss. until i found this quote, "on thanksgiving day, all over america, families sit down together at the same moment - halftime." as soon as i read this i KNEW it would be on my card. so, about a month ago we headed to the field for our official card photo. see that post here. i got the one i wanted but then had the delima of incorporating tech's red/blue scheme with a more fallish/thanksgivingish color scheme. gah, this card was really starting to stress me out! then we had our annual pumpkin patch pics with crystal garcia and i couldn't not put one of those on a thanksgiving card. omg. really stressed now. to the rescue was a piece of pope. i sent her the 2 pics and the quote and told her i liked "whimsy" and "fun". the first copy i got back was full color and i just couldn't grasp the red/blue with the fall colors. just looked funny. so i switched the football pic to a black/white (which really is my fav anyway) picture and TADA - we have a thanksgiving card!

now, i'll admit that once i had approved the final copy and ordered it i panicked. i wondered if this was entirely too cheesy; if anyone would even get that the pic was taken on the field since it was black/white and you really couldn't tell. wondered if people would make the football/thanksgiving connection. but it was too late; the cards were ordered and they were being mailed! but they came in and i LOVED them. it's what i had pictured and i couldn't have been more happy!

front of card

back of card

if you haven't gotten yours yet; it's in the mail (or in my purse to be mailed tmrw). some went out before others b/c i'm the most impatient person alive. i can't help it! it's my one flaw... :)

and i can't believe i just wrote an entire post about the makings of a card. i'm obviously low on blog worthy material...and bored. happy thanksgiving a week early!


  1. I think the card is fantastic! Great idea Jessie!!

  2. Jessie, those are so cute! I might steal your idea for next year!

  3. We got ours yesterday...and it is precious!!

  4. i personally love the story of the making of the card. it was very informative! o is presh and the card was super cute. i may just have to order our xmas cards from her too!

  5. What a fun idea, and such a cute card!!

    Thanks for joining in the fun! Merry CHRISTmas to you!!