Friday, November 26, 2010

gobble gobble

we had an awesome thanksgiving! it started wednesday with lunch with jackie and merideth. jackie and i had a gift for mer so we invited her to lunch! i can't wait to meet baby molly; i hope she and olivia are great friends! then me and o headed to monroe for some shopping and then on to the 'boro. we got to w'boro about 3 and o was non-stop from then on out. that child....she has some energy!
playing with the dogs...
then thursday we got up and watched the parade while o ran around like a crazy child! i swear i don't know where she gets this from. the rest of the fam started arriving around 1 and thanksgiving was on! we watched the saints game and ate way too much!

she would run up and down this ramp all day long if we'd let her. it's so fun to her!
after eating we loaded up and went downtown to the old post office museum. the original w'boro post office was built in the 1930's and really is a neat building. the city has spent a lot of time and money fixing it up and now it's a museum. the current exhibit is "toys in the attic". all toys donated had to be at least 25 years old. the lady in charge of it had her daughter in town and they were going to see it and called us! so glad they did - we got the special treatment! o seemed to enjoy it but she was very tired so the pics don't do it justice! they had some really neat old toys there - i got pics of them all but i'll spare you since this post is already long enough! there was an original 1930's shirley temple doll; original pepsi characters; old school ragedy ann and andy dolls and so much more. it was so fun!
some of the decorated cat fish - we are the home of the catfish festival!

touching an old toy...

mom's old cash register that we always played with at mamaw and papaw's!

playing with the etch-a-sketch with pops

i just thought this pic was funny - it's like, "really?"

she got to go behind the ropes!

mine and jenny's cabbage patch dolls!

dad's toy president collection from when he was little!

a great ending to a long day with gg and pops!


  1. What a cool thing! Brings back a lot of memories. I live Olivia's sweet dress!!

  2. That museum is so cool! Olivia looks stylish as always with that previous Thanksgiving outfit!

  3. oh man, when i saw the cabbage patch dolls, my first thoughts were a) i have one of those and b) they aren't allowed in b/c they're not old enough. and then it hit me that sadly, yes they are and so are we.