Sunday, November 7, 2010


not a lot to report from this week. it was pretty uneventful! o had a rough night at kindermusik tuesday night - she just didn't want to participate and would have preferred to hang out over by the door (that she can reach and lock...) i left thursday night headed to jackson for a fun friday of shopping at the jackson junior league mistletoe market. i spent way too much money but it was fun! this weekend rett took o to a bday party at a petting zoo in wm. from what i've heard she wasn't digging the actual petting zoo but LOVED riding a full size horse! i'm patiently waiting on pics... i attended the tech football game saturday and that was a bust but afterwards i made my christmas wreath so that was fun. as you can tell it's been a pretty boring week but i was able to keep busy with various obligations. do you ever wake up on sunday and think, "really, what'd i do last week?" and then you realize you were so busy with just random everyday activities/duties/obligations that you didn't take the time to really enjoy the moment. that's my new goal. to enjoy and fully engage in my duties/activities/obligations and this includes olivia. i hate that i don't get enough time with her and the time i do have with her is spent running and gunning. we're going to start playing more!
o at kindermusik last tuesday
my christmas wreath! i've got to make a few adjustments but i like it so far!


  1. Love the Christmas wreath!

  2. Awesome wreath. I'm amazed you can get Olivia to do Kindermusik. They do it at Claudia's school and she refuses to participates and pulls toys off the shelf. Olivia looks so happy with her little instruments!