Sunday, November 28, 2010

sip-n-see, slushies, shush

on saturday morning o and i headed to a sip-and-see for a sweet friend and her new baby girl. jodi had kate about a month ago and she's just precious! olivia hung out in joanna's playroom while the big girls hung out in the kitchen over mimosas. good time had by all! every few minutes o would run into the kitchen, touch me and then run back to the play room. it was so cute; she was just checking to make sure i was still there!

after lunch and nap i thought it'd be a great idea to go do some shopping. 1st stop was hallmark to pick up a few ornaments. that was a disaster and it ended with me hauling o out of the store kicking and screaming. lesson learned. from here on out we only shop with a stroller to contain the little one. we needed a breather after that experience so we went to sonic. o loves smoothies from smoothie king so i took a chance that she'd like a slush from sonic. i was right. LOVED it.
later that night we were playing in the floor and o laid down, "pretending" to go to sleep, and SHE SHUSHED ME! she put her finger to her mouth and shushed me. she's been repeating that to me when i do it to her but i had no idea she could use it in context!

today we went to church and 4 outfit changes later we finally got outside to play. yes, 4 outifts in one day. the church outfit; the after church outfit that she decided to spit her milk all over; the after after church outfit that an explosive diaper put an end to and the after after after church outfit that i swore would be her last today if she had to go naked for the rest of the day! i am in love with the dress she wore to church today so we took pics afterwards...


  1. I get "shushed" all the time too! Nuts huh? Love that church dress!

  2. Who doesn't love a good Sonic slushee? Its the ice. =) Adorable dress.