Thursday, November 18, 2010

the dirty thirty.

i turned 30 today. oddly enough i don't feel 30 although i did wear all black today to mourn the loss of my 20s. it was a great day and i have great friends and family to thank for that! i got to work and saw a sign on the door "jessie is 30!" and then i walked in and saw my cube decorated with streamers and a balloon. thanks co-workers! then emery took me to lunch at my favorite, log cabin! i got olivia (even though it's thursday my bday trumps a normal day so i got her) and ran home to find rett waiting with my gift from o. he helped her make it but from all accounts she painted it herself! then a fab dinner with jenny, john, jackie and o at RAW. o had phad thai for the first time (sans peanuts) and seemed to like it; what little she ate. but don't worry, she made up for her lack of dinner with dessert! cookie cake to the rescue! hey, you only turn 30 once; might as well let your children celebrate with you! when leaving john saw santa in railroad park so we took o for a quick pic. she didn't cry but she definately wasn't too sure about this! i had a great day and am looking forward to our party tmrw night at portico! if you're reading this you're invited so come join us!
celebrating office style
handprint in clay. thanks o!! i love you!
waiting on dinner. jenny, john and jackie had a ball watching her do the "washing machine". i wish i could get in on video (i could but then i wouldn't know what to do with it so...) it's SOOO cute!
thanks for the cake, jackie! it had a crown on it for the "queens"!! ha!
and then we saw santa outside! oh my, it's not even thanksgiving yet!


  1. Glad you had a great birthday. That's funny that you wore black!!

  2. Happy Birthday Weekend!!! Hate missing your party! OH, and I LOVED your Thanksgiving card!!! SO perfect!