Friday, December 17, 2010

19 months old!

i'm a little late on this post but so be it. i didn't even do the "official" monthly photo in her rocking chair. ahh. i'm slipping. o turned 19 mths old on wednesday and we had her 18 mth check-up that day.
26 lbs (75th %)
32 inches "tall" (50th %)
18 1/2 head circ. (50th %)
she got a GREAT report and i'm thankful for that.
she was just in the BEST mood wednesday morning! the lighting in these pics is aweful but i couldn't resist this sweet/happy face!

this age is just so fun. it's also kind of frustrating but the good, by far, outweighs the bad! i mentioned most of her new "tricks" in my post this weekend so not a whole lot to report there. her speech is picking up; she has about 2-3 new words per week, on average.

she will wave and say "hey" much more enthusiastically than saying "bye bye". i think it makes her sad to say bye! she still sleeps about 12 hrs a night. she recently started letting me rock her for a few minutes before bed and that just melts my heart! she is still somewhat reserved around strangers but that's a good thing! she's really getting into babydolls. when i pick her up from the church nursery she either has a baby or is pushing one in the doll stroller. i've been waiting for this day since she was born. i'm so excited to see her play with babydolls! something tells me that she's gonna be pretty excited on christmas morning!! :) speaking of christmas - o got a gift in the mail earlier this week so i let her go ahead and open it. she'd rip a piece of paper and run it to the trash can. then another piece and straight to the trash can. i think christmas morning may take longer that i originally thought - especially if she insists on throwing the trash away as she goes. but, hey, who am i to complain about that?!?!

i'm finishing up my shopping this weekend, doing a "craft" (what has gotten into me???) and then sunday 2 of olivia's friends are coming over for a cookie decorating playdate. who knows if this will work and if it doesn't it's ok. i'll just have a lot of undecorated cookies to eat!!


  1. Look at you with all your newfound craftiness! I'm jealous that you have time to do this stuff. As always, O looks so sweet!! I hope Santa brings her everything on her list. :)