Sunday, December 26, 2010

such a diva!

on our way home from our flying trip to monroe this afternoon olivia decided it'd be fun to spit her water back onto herself instead of swallowing it. needless to say she had to be changed. i didn't have plans to go anywere else so i just threw her in som pj's (i've got to get some good grunge clothes for her - i've realized that leggings and dresses aren't always easy!) we were playing in her room and she spotted this pair of shades that she's had for several months now but has shown no interest in. until today! she had to have them....and her bracelet.
and then i decided that pizza sounded good for dinner and didn't want to change her. i was THAT mother. i took her in johnny's to pick up pizza in pj's.... but don't fret; she took the shades with her! an older lady in there just laughed so hard. it really was funny! she was walking around in there with her coat and shades... and it was pretty dark in there; i have no idea how she saw anything!

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  1. I guess I need to pull Olivia's sunglasses back out and see if she will touch them. I put them away a while back because she wanted nothing to do with them.