Sunday, December 12, 2010

who dat?!?

let me preface this post with an apology. this is 3 days in a row i've posted all with picture overload. sorry! i find this blog therapeutic and after the day i've had i find it necessary!

the day couldn't have started better. o slept until 8 am and then was just an angel before church. after church we had lunch and then about 12:15 i put her down for her nap. she was SCREAMING by 12:30. she's NEVER done that. so, i rocked her and put her back down. that didn't work. so i got her and thought we'd both take a nap and put her in my bed. nope. not having that. she was up and not going down. ok, no biggie. she goes without naps at my parents house some and is in a fine mood. we'll just go with it. well... it was not fun! ALL DAY LONG she whined, cried, layed in the floor if i told her no. there were glimpses of good as you'll see in the pics below but don't let the smile fool you. these were taken during a very small section of the day!

o's got several new "tricks" i want to document before i forget.
*she'll run to her highchair or to the cabinet where i keep her food and say "i eat". i assume this means "i'm hungry" b/c if i don't giver her food she pitches a FIT! and she does it all day long. guess growing girls need lots of food!
*if you ask her a yes/no question: "uh-uh" means no and "noooo" (said in a super cute drawn out voice) means yes. in case any of you babysit for me anytime soon, you'll need to know this!!
*she loves bags and needs one everytime we walk out the door. normally it's her diaper bag and b/c the strap is at an appropriate length for me it's way too long for her. but that doesn't stop her! she drags that thing out the door and into the car and holds it for the ride!! this adds several minutes to us loading up in the car b/c that bag is kinda heavy for her...
*she'll pick up anything with a strap, put it on her shoulder, blow me a kiss and walk to the door. i guess she thinks she's going somewhere!

these past few days i've so enjoyed seeing her do all this. i just laugh out loud at some things she does!

for today's pics:
great pic minus the eclipse bottle

so i thought i'd take the bottle and she wouldn't mind. WRONG!!

at one point i had a chat with o about santa watching her and she was being bad and he didn't like that. he wanted her to be good. i asked her to apologize to santa for being bad. she picked him up, laid him down and junped on him!! i nearly died. really???? :)

the pail has a strap so it becomes a bag!

and don't you love her "who dat" outfit! most appropriate for the win today!

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