Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

our christmas started thursday evening when we got to w'boro. santa had left a gift on gg and pops door for olivia! it was a special elf!

then we went over to the anders' to play with david scott. then back to gg and pops for dinner (shrimp salad; yummy!!) and a few more presents and playing.
friday morning we had our family christmas. o got lots of goodies! pj's, dvd's, toys, a play tent/tunnel thing (that i'm gonna have to figure out how to put together!), a wagon and lots of candy/treats!
then the extended family and friends started showing up and a great, fun day was had! we had fried deer, mac & cheese, and rice & gravy for lunch. then a mere 4 to 5 hours later had our traditional gumbo and salad. lots of dips and desserts too! i ate way too much!
probably 1/4 of my family
she LOVED flying down the ramp! i didn't know there weren't hands on her at all times until after this started. she only went off course twice and was saved each time!
our friend jodie's little girl, anna claire. i wish i could post all these pics. olivia was like, "what is this thing in my lap!"
finally about 6:30 i decided it was time to head back to get ready for santa!
rett arrived about 7:45 and we had to wake olivia up! normally that's a no-no but today was special! she had a BALL! she saw the grocery cart first and went for it! she LOVES her new babydolls and stoller. she will rock her babies, pat them on the back, kiss them. it's the sweetest thing! she's a natural! i made a breakfast casserole and we ate breakfast and then played a little while longer. from me olivia got a band in a box (another big hit), an american girl bitty baby, alphabet magnets and a few books. she was just in the best mood today; 90 to nothing all day long! and i don't think i've ever gotten so many pics of her smiling in one day! the pure JOY she expressed all day was so worth all the work i put into this christmas!
i can't believe i'm posting this but everyone looks rough on christmas morning, don't they? :)
the triangle from the band in a box
playing with her alphabet magnets
she put her baby in the "buggy" and went to town!
this picture makes me so happy. she was just thrilled all day today! such a sweet girl!

i'll cut my picture posting off here but i have about 200 more very cute photos from this christmas! hope you all had a great day!


  1. Merry Christmas!! Olivia looks like she had a lot of fun with her goodies from Santa. =)

  2. Love the pictures! Georgia got that EXACT tent from my aunt and it is a hit! It's taking up our whole living room at the moment.....

  3. Olivia's dress on Christmas was darling!