Friday, December 3, 2010

visit with the jolly fella!

today my friend hillary and i loaded up her son reynolds and olivia and we headed to see the big guy, santa! it was a great trip! we saw santa, ate at chick-fil-a and then rode the carausel. this was o's first time on the carausel and she had a death grip on that pole; so funny! but i think she liked it. enjoy the pics!
waiting in line for santa!
reynolds wouldn't do it by himself - but they got a cute pic!
giving santa sugar! she loves him enough to kiss him but not enough to smile for her pic. hmm...
chick-fil-a - at one point we looked over and reynolds was feeding olivia! so cute!
waiting for the carausel
most kids have a security blanket - o has a sippy cup!
reynolds is a cutie!
worn out!


  1. Looks like O had a great time. Don't know how David Scott is going to handle Santa...we'll see. :)

  2. I just want to eat her up in that carousel pic! She is so cute!!