Friday, January 14, 2011


it never dawned on me to give o a bubble bath. i don't know why; it just never crossed my mind. until my friend sheree mentioned that she gave her little girl a bubble bath. DING DING DING! (that's the light bulb going off in my mind...) so i bought bubble bath a few weeks back but then o got sick so i've been putting it off. until tonight! at first i think she was scared. i can usually put her in the tub and run around the house while she plays for a minute (don't freak out on me. i'm a good mom regardless of what you're thinking right now.) but this time she cried. so i played in the bubbles with her for a few minutes until she got used to them and then she was good! she wouldn't sit in the bubbles but that's ok; it's easier for me to bathe her standing up. the only drawback is the bubble bath (which doubles as bath soap - thank you johnson and johnson) isn't as "soft" as the regular baby wash. it left her skin and hair kinda sticky if that makes any sense. so all that to say o had her first bubble bath tonight!


  1. YAY! glad you guys got to try it!

  2. Also, the perfect time to blow bubbles is in the bath!! The girls looove it and laugh and laugh and nothing gets messy!!