Friday, January 28, 2011

playing outside!

we've pretty much been cooped up inside for almost 30 days. it's made for some LONG weekends! o got sick on saturday the 1st so we were home that week. i kept her home that next weekend just to be on the safe side and then the next 2 weekends were bad get the point. so today when it was 68 degrees after work we headed outside! o LOVES playing outside. i can leave her in the backyard while i do a few quick things inside and she is just fine. when she's inside she's attached to my leg. i don't get it!
she just couldn't wait for me to clean the cozy coupe and i decided that was ok. by the time we went inside she was soaking wet since i let her play in her pool that was FULL of old rain water. i'm sure that's probably pretty gross and germy...
at kindermusik this past week we made "hats" out of scarves. o liked looking in the mirror at hers! a little vain, maybe? :)
at the end mrs. pam always gets the instruments out and o goes straight for the eggs. i'm not sure what she likes so much about them but it's not pretty if she doesn't get them. and don't even think about taking them from her. sharing the eggs is not an option to her! we need to work on that...

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