Saturday, January 29, 2011

omg! we had a great day!

today was such a great day! it started with o sleeping until 8:15ish; i'm so thankful i have a child that likes her sleep! we were on the road to monroe before 10! we stocked up on diapers, wipes, lotion and each got a dress at target! to whomever got my buggy after me - you're welcome for the free sippy cup. good thing o can drink from a straw b/c i didn't have an extra! then we picked jackie up for lunch with courtney. melvyns never disappoints. the service always does!
her first time at the bar.
after lunch o and i were going to my friend's just ducky show. there was 1 outfit i wanted so it was going to be a quick trip. well...o had different plans. i started backing out of jackie's driveway and o was pitching a fit. jackie was running after me so i pulled back into the driveway to collect the new delta style from jackie and mentioned that o was pitching a fit. jackie went to her door and o reached right up for her! she wanted to stay there! so i let her! this was a first. she's never indicated she wanted stay with someone. now, she always "indicates" she doesn't want to leave a toy or something like that but to show me that she'd rather be with someone else; that's new! jackie got her out and i heard her say, "i knew you loved me!" from all accounts they both had a great time during the impromptu babysitting gig!
i think jackie made her work for the free babysitting!
once home we played outside for a while. then val brought amelia by to pick up some baby clothes. o wasn't thrilled to play with amelia. maybe it's b/c she's a good bit smaller. i sure hope they start to like each other! then back outside for what seemed like forever! o cannot get enough of playing in the dirt! then lindsey brought jack over for a visit. this visit went better except o is not a fan of sharing. i can't help it; she's an only child! how do you teach sharing when all she knows is playing by herself with whatever she wants? i assume she's ok at daycare as i've never received reports of being stingy but i guess they could just not be telling me...
oh, and i figured something out this week. i've been wondering why o eats so little compared to other kids her age. come to find out she's just a SLOW eater. normally i give her about 20 minutes and then we're done. i'm not sure why but earlier this week i just let her take her time and she ate EVERY bite. it took her 45 minutes but she ate it all. i feel awful (like that emery?) that i could have very well been putting her to bed hungry every night for the last several months. but i guess she'd have shown some signs of being hungry and she never did so maybe it's no big deal at all. but for the last week she's eaten every bite on her tray; it just takes a while!


  1. You are too cute! Sounds like such a fun day! Poor Anniston eats so fast you would think I do starve her...we really need a lesson in being lady-like! ha

  2. hahaha!! Good job with that spelling there!!
    :-) Glad ya'll had a great day!!! Wasn't the weather AWESOME!

  3. i don't like the way it looks. i may go back to spelling it wrong! and why does "awesome" have the "e" but awful doesn't? please ask your english teacher that for me!