Sunday, January 23, 2011

kool kids

i have no cute pics from this past week. it was extremely uneventful! our only plans for last week were kindermusik on tuesday and that got cancelled so we pretty much just hung out all week! i spent this weekend getting ready for kool kids. this i a huge consignment sale here in town that happens twice a year. i've shopped it that last couple of years but i decided to actually sell stuff this year. now, it's no secret that i want another child. (and the sooner the better!) but i also need my house back. olivia's stuff is overflowing out of her room and has taken over my guest room. my attic is full (it's not very big to begin with) which means i'm out of room! so i spent this weekend cleaning out, organizing, pricing and tagging clothes, bibs, burp cloths, shoes, etc. i've decided that i can get away with 1/3 of the stuff i had for olivia. we had a swing. hardly ever used it. we had a playmat thingy. hardly ever used it. we had a baby bath tub. we so much more preferred the yellow sponge thing from target. we had burp cloths and bibs that were never used! and i hate that!
this is what i started withand this is what i ended with
so, this go round i'm purging. i'm keeping o's "good" clothes (smocked dresses, etc.) b/c i really do want another little girl but also b/c those things are expensive and i have dreams of olivia having a little girl who will wear them! but pj's and play clothes...those are cheap (especially when you shop at consignment sales!) so i'll just rebuy them if/when i need them. i had a few friends come "shop" this weekend and sold a good amount! cha-ching! if you know anyone that has a little baby born in the summer named olivia please send them my info! i can hook them up with cute monogrammed clothes!

olivia came home from rett's this evening and immediatly spotted my sonic drink. i hadn't seen her since wednesday night so of course i obliged. bad parenting, i know. but i couldn't help it! she got in her chair and drank her coke just like a big girl. at one point she had that cup in one hand and her "cell phone" in the other hand. she's just like her mama!

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