Sunday, January 9, 2011

winter storm 2011

i had heard rumors of a possible winter storm coming this week. i knew it was suppose to be cold today but thought the ice was coming monday or tuesday. good thing i'd planned on just staying home today b/c the ice hit! i've not seen any snow but it's pretty much sleeted all day. my car is covered in ice; tmrw morning's defrosting should be fun! it's days like this that i'm thankful i'm too lazy to put together all of o's new toys in a timely manor. her gg and pops gave her this tent/tunnel thing and i'd just been dreading putting it together. mainly b/c i don't have a great place for it but also b/c i'm just lazy. :) well, after a failed attempt at a nap i needed some major entertaiment and decided today was the day. it's blocking my back door and taking up most of my future playroom space but she liked it. however, just as i thought, she won't play in it unless i'm back there with her. in due time...

i pray we don't lose electricity. i'm not one to prepare for a "disaster" (yes, loss of electricity constitues disaster to me) so if we lose it i'm kinda up a creek without a paddle. i think i may clean up this mess of toys o left me; i'd hate to cuss in front of her when i trip over them in the dark! haha!

i'm also thankful that mrs. debbie opens even when schools close. i NEED her to get o back on a normal nap schedule. i can't take too many more no nap days! i hate that i'm putting her up to that task but it's so true that kids will do things for others that they won't do for you!

hope you all stay warm!

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