Sunday, April 17, 2011

another fab weekend

friday after work we went to dinner and a movie. jackie controlled o while i worked my shift and the pics show she had a great time! this is an annual event put on by JA and it's so much fun. another great ruston family activity!

jackie stayed with us friday night so i was able to go to rachel martin's 30th bday party at sundown. so glad i went; rachel and i got some much needed catch-up time!

saturday morning started with the 2nd annual kd egg hunt. we had to miss last year b/c o got sick so i was thrilled to go this year! o totally got the concept of hunting eggs and was all over it! after her nap we went to amelia's first bday party! it was another egg hunt and again, o was good to go. it was great catching up with a lot of friends that we don't get to see very often! then miss shelby came to stay with o so i could go to amelia's mommy's 30th bday party at portico! i had a blast and wish valerie a great bday on good friday!

since i'm going to be out of town on easter sunday morning i decided that we'd have "easter morning" today. olivia wore her easter dress and we did pics in the front yard. the whole sha-bang (except for the easter bunny that is coming to see o at her daddy's house on easter morning.) then at church Jesus was there with his donkey "burrito" for palm sunday. o was skeptical at first. so we went on in. when i went to pick her up after church the nursery worker informed me that o loved Jesus but she loved burrito more! she even went as far as to suggest that the easter bunny bring o a donkey. nice try. not gonna happen!! and then God smiled on me; trinity was doing a baked potato lunch as a fundraiser for one of our ongoing ministries. no cooking for me!! we enjoyed having lunch in the fellowship hall with janie and jeff mcgehee! i know i complain about busy weekends and being tired but honestly, i wouldn't like it any other way! weekends with no plans are so boring!

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  1. Olivia has the cutest outfits! I'm kinda jealous...little boys don't have so many options.