Monday, April 4, 2011

no news is good news?

maybe??? we went to khanfar this morning and got an oral steriod for her wheezing/cough. her white count was back at normal. so, i've told several people that she's absolutely healthy except for the fact that she can't breathe. dr. khanfar set up our appt with the cardiologist for friday at 9:15. she'll have an echo done and then go for another chest xray. then our real meeting the the actual dr (dr. king in monroe) is set for june 29. i know what you're thinking and i thought the same thing - june 29? seriously? however, this date will change based on the findings of the echo and chest xray. so, i guess if they move the appt up then it's probably not a good sign... i'm not expecting to find out anything on friday but i'm praying that whoever does this echo will at least talk me through it so i have an idea of what we're dealing with before our meeting with the dr. i didn't sleep well last night so i'm hitting the sack with my new best friend - cough medicine.


  1. Goodness - just read your past two posts - I hope that the doctors can pinpoint the issues and give sweet Olivia the right treatments. Hang in there - maybe there is an answer in sight for her breathing issues. Saying a prayer for y'all. =)

  2. That silly Olivia. Before you know she'll be locking you out of her bedroom! I hope the tests go well!