Tuesday, April 19, 2011


couple of funny things:

olivia now kisses her own bobo's. does this mean i'm falling down on my job?

we got home today about 5:15 and didn't come inside until almost 7! o went straight out back and i followed shortly with water. she played hard! then we had dinner outside (she eats so much better outside!) and discovered that the college guys next door (that call me mam - i am NOT that old) had a dog. o was in heaven! she went to the fence and petted it. then he ran away. she stood there and called "hootie" for a very long time. he'd come and go but obviously didn't answer to hootie. so finally the boys take the dog back inside and a full blown melt down occurs over no dog. OMG. i'm glad she has dogs at her daddy's house to get her fix b/c i sure don't want that responsibility! i may have to have a chat with the college guys to see if we can dog sit some saturday afternoons that we don't have plans!

she sat at the fence for a long time waiting on the dog. then i realized what she was doing... does she think if she digs a hole she can crawl under the fence to get to the dog??? i was laughing so hard!


  1. My Olivia sits at my neighbors fence and waits for their dogs. When she hears the dog bark, she goes running to my door hoping I will let her out. She has had full blown meltdown when I don't open the door. I am not a dog person, so there is no way we are getting one to entertain her.

  2. I have 2 she can dog sit ANYTIME she wants :)