Monday, April 25, 2011

easter 2011

since i was at the beach easter morning the easter bunny visited o at her daddy's house. he brought some books and a bunnny that my aunt linda (dad's sister) made. (this is the aunt that made the raggedy ann at christmas; she's pretty good!) i'm glad he took pics; looks like she liked what she got!
once i got home the stevens clan gathered at jenny's for our easter celebration. let me just say...we are not a game playing family. we're just not. it's not our style. but jackie decided that we needed to add some spunk to our family holidays so this year we had egg races and egg tosses. i'll admit; i'm a pessimist and thought "this is so cheesy" but i participated and actually had fun! so, we may have started a new stevens family tradition. way to go jackie for making us look like fools but it was fun! after eating and games o got to hunt eggs.

checking out her loot from gg and pops!

pops may have cheated during the egg race. i think he set a record for egg races around the world!

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