Tuesday, April 5, 2011

there's always a first time

it was bound to happen sooner or later. olivia locked herself and my keys in the car after kindermusik today. she was playing with the keys while i strapped her in and once she was in i threw the keys in the front seat like i ALWAYS do and shut the back door. except this time i didn't realize she'd hit the "lock" button on my keys. yep... jenny came to our rescue by leaving the restaurant she was eating at, going to my house to fetch my spare and bringing it to me. o did great the first few mintues but then realized that she was the only one in the car while all the other people were outside having fun. then we had to entertain her... the good that came of this - i found out another little girl in kindermusik with us sees dr. king for the hole in her heart and her mom is a nurse and she just raved about dr. king. well, to be honest, i haven't met anyone who didn't just rave about this man so i think we're in good hands. she even offered tips for the echo. like take a sippy cup or something for o to do during it. i probably wouldn't have thought of that! isn't it funny how God puts us in places and people in our lives to calm our fears... He is awfully good at what He does!!

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