Wednesday, April 27, 2011

big movies and lots of wires

yesterday we attempted pigtails in public for the first time. from all accounts they may have lasted 4 minutes. we'll keep trying! this may have been the first time in well over a year that she didn't wear a bow to daycare. she's growing up! :)

after kindermusik last night we went up to the joe for a movie on the jumbotron! this is such a neat experience! thank you union board for putting this on. we'll definitely attend more of these! and they offered free grilled cheese samis, popcorn and gatorade and water! but we didn't partake b/c you couldn't take the food on the field and that's where i wanted to sit!she was totally into the movie! (don't tell UB that i let her snack on the field!)
today was our followup with the cardiologist. it was a great appt! they hooked about 10 or 12 wires up to her for a few minutes and printed a graph of what looked like her heart beat (think the printout when you're in labor...that's what it looked like.) she handled that like a champ. then we saw brenda the NP and then dr. king. he confirmed that her ultrasound looked good. he went over her murmers and leaky valves and the hole in her heart. we go back next week for one more echo just to "cross our t's and dot our i's." at the last echo o got a little ancy so he quit before he could really check one artery and today was another afternoon appt which meant no nap... so we'll go next week in the morning when she's not quite as "tired". :) if she still won't cooporate then well do an MRA for which she'll have to be sedated but he doesn't expect us to get to that point. we'll see the pulmonologist in june (in monroe so no driving to alec!!) and assuming his findings are good we won't go back to the cardiologist for another year! PRAISE! he assured us that she's totally healthy, has no heart disease and can be treated as a normal toddler! if we never mention this to anyone (other than disclosing it on mandatory forms - daycare, school, church trips, etc...) they will never know she's "sick". and we certainly don't want her to feel "different" from other kids so except for when it's necessary it won't be mentioned again! obviously when she's old enough to understand we'll tell her that her heart is on the wrong side but as far as we're concerned it's just a technicality. NO BIG DEAL!

i got her an icee before i picked her up from daycare for the ride over. score one for mom!the point of this pic was to get all of the wires. next time i'll give better instructions...


  1. I wish I could give Olivia an icee without her popping the top off and pouring it all in her lap!

  2. Praises for a successful dr. appointment! Try using the clear plastic ponytail holders. They are harder for them to remove and hold tighter. Just a thought. She looks precious either way she wears her hair!!!

  3. So glad to hear the appointment went well!

  4. Such great news at the dr! I know you are so relieved.....