Sunday, June 19, 2011

kelly’s kids sale!

i tagged along with suzanne and her family to natchez yesterday after work for the kelly’s kids sale.  we camped out and that sacrifice got us in the building second out of HUNDREDS of shoppers.  when we got there at 8:15 pm there was only one other group of 3 there.  jackpot!  when clothing a child on a budget these sales come in extremely handy.  here’s how the night played out:

after we dropped our chairs off at the warehouse we took her family (husband matt and children landry grace and jake) to their hotel.  we were back at the warehouse about 9ish and 4 others had gotten in line behind us.  about 10ish another group of 4 arrived.  by about 11:30 we were getting bored so we and the first group of 3 went to walmart where we bought some face wipes, off and magazines.  back at the warehouse a little after midnight and there’s another handful of people there.  abt 2:30 suzanne went to sleep in the car.  we switched about 4 and i slept in the car until about 5:30.  when i got out of the car and saw the line i nearly died.  holy moly!  by that early in the morning the line was very close to wrapping around the building.  apparently most got there in the 4 am hour.  we left abt 5:45 and went to mcdonalds to brush our teeth and get breakfast.  back at the warehouse a little after 6 and time to wait it out in the HEAT.  once that sun came up it was steamy!  they ended up opening the doors at 8:15 instead of 9 due to the heat and the number of people.  and true to our new friends words, we walked in number 4 and 5 right behind the first 3 girls.  AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  i went to the 2s and suzanne went to the 3/4s.  we grabbed a few of everything and then met up and sorted through it all and got what we wanted.  we were out of there by 10 am.

this was taken about 10ish when we were still giddy with excitement!265055_2015839749191_1039760576_4231656_6285723_s

having matt and the kids there was a blessing in disguise!  :)  after camping out we didn’t smell so good and were thrilled to have a hotel room to go shower in before the ride home and we were able to snooze a little while matt drove us home!  it was a win/win!  suzanne, i had a blast and can’t wait for the next one!

and to our new friends from mississippi, arkansas & georgia – i had so much fun last night and hopefully we’ll see you at the next one!

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  1. So glad you came with me. We'll do it again next time, Lord willing! I'm still catching up on my sleep though:).