Thursday, June 16, 2011

potty training 101

i’ve been debating on posting this for a good week and a half b/c the picture content could be misconstrued.  i’ve finally decided that this is my blog and these are my memories so if you don’t like what you see then you can go read someone else’s blog.  :)

i think know we’re in the throws of potty training.  almost 2 weeks ago right before bath o was begging to potty.  (i’ve been dreading this but then realized we have to do it sooner or later so i might as well get it over with.)  so i put her on the potty and LOW AND BEHOLD she actually pottied!  i never thought she’d do that!  then the next night, the same thing.  and the same the next night.  you get my point.  a few nights ago once home from daycare she wanted to potty so i let her and then decided to not waste a diaper to see how it went.  she wanted to sit in my lap and read books so we had a “come to Jesus” about her not wearing a diaper and needing to tell me if she needed to potty.  she agreed.  (i don’t give my child near enough credit when it comes to understanding what i’m telling her.  just fyi.)  well either she’s kin to her mama with a bladder of steal or she peed in her room and i still haven’t found it but there were no accidents!  the other night after bath i was getting her dressed and she kept saying “potty.”  i informed her that she did not have to potty b/c she had just done so 15 minutes ago before bath.  she INSISTED so i relented and – shocker – she went!  so, she can consistently tell me she needs to tee-tee.  but she’s yet to tell me she needs to do the other.  i guess that’s coming?  hopefully.

she even takes her milk with her.  she does NOT get that from her mama.  and she likes to be naked when she goes.  i’m working on that one.IMG_9627

all of this to say – it’s time.  i know she’s ready.  she LOVES going to the potty.  so now i just need a free weekend to do this and it’s looking like that may be mid-july.  unless rett wants to do this and i’m not convinced that’s the best decision i could make so…  crossing my fingers that i’ll have a potty using little girl by the end of july!  (and i realize it’s not going to be as easy as i make it sound.  but the fact that she is consistently going at certain times of the day makes me believe that it won’t be nearly as bad as i had imagined.  just let me think this.)

all of this to say – if your child tells you she/he needs to potty LET THEM GO!  don’t pull a jessie and tell them they don’t need to go.  i mean, they obviously know better than you if they need to go!  there’s your potty training 101.  you can pay me later.  :)

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  1. Seriously Jessie, she might be easy to potty train. Every child is different! Some train earlier than others. Mine were both 2 1/2 when they were potty trained. LG was much easier and got the hang of it right away(with the help of some M & M's). So don't think it won't be easy...but always know she may have a few accidents. Fun stuff!