Tuesday, June 7, 2011

seeing specialists aka playing the waiting game

this day couldn’t have gotten any longer.  but the end result was pleasant so i’m not complaining!  first, my child has decided that sleeping in isn’t on her list of priorities anymore.  so, on this rare tuesday where sleeping in was allowed we were up bright and early at 6:30.  ugh! 

we were on the road to monroe by 8:15.  ran a few errands and then to our first appt, the dermatologist.  i just love dr. altic.  he’s pretty nice to look at.  :)  i’ve been seeing him for as long as i can remember and regardless of how nice he looks that man will make you wait forever!  it took him all of 2.5 seconds to look at o’s mole, state it’s NOT cancer and that it will need to come off when she’s 11.  (apparently cancer of this sort becomes a concern at age 12.  who knew.)  so a $50 copay for a 30 second visit.  but $50 is a small price to pay for good news!

after lunch and a carousel ride from hell mom and i took a scenic drive to bastrop so o could nap and then to the pulmonologist.  i was there at 1:20 for our 1:30 appt.  we left at 4.  we saw the pulmonologist for about 10 minutes.  i’m not lying.  he feels that her breathing issues are nothing more than normal wintertime viruses but he wanted to schedule a bronchoscope to make sure her lungs are on the correct side.  apparently with dextracardia your lungs can also swap sides.  again, who knew.  so on july 28 we have to be at st. francis at 6 am (yep, you read that right) for the procedure to start at 7.  it will be done under conscious sedation so i’m not all that concerned about it.  they’ll run a camera down her throat into her lungs and check everything out.  it’s an outpatient procedure.  this visit did not cost me a $50 copay but i’m sure the hospital bill will more than make up for this “free” visit!  ha!

all in all we had great visits today.  no news is always good news!


  1. Poor baby! Do you get to be in the room with her?

  2. So glad the visits went well even though you had to wait so long :(. I was actually about to do an appointment update too, ha. Fun stuff :). Glad O is doing well!