Saturday, June 18, 2011

summer pics 2011

thanks goes to crystal garcia for turning my very typical 2 year old, has to have it her way little girl into what appears to be a very happy child in 100 degree heat!  i was so happy with the way these turned out!

232323232-fp53488-nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;962;6329nu0mrj 232323232-fp5337--nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2-69385329nu0mrj 232323232-fp5337--nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;94756329nu0mrj 232323232-fp5339--nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;9;945329nu0mrj 232323232-fp53378-nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;96299329nu0mrj 232323232-fp53379-nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;8---8329nu0mrj 232323232-fp53486-nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;979;6329nu0mrj 232323232-fp53486-nu=326--399-376-WSNRCG=36-2;94774329nu0mrj

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  1. I am catching up on my blogs and I LOVE these pictures.