Thursday, June 30, 2011

what. a. week.

let’s just say that i’m glad this week is coming to an end.  what do you notice in the picture below?IMG_9719 yes, that would be a bottle of RID on the end.  know why i have a bottle of RID in my bathtub?  b/c olivia has/had LICE.  OMG.  yes, LICE.  i nearly died.  i discovered this on tuesday evening and have spent tuesday, wednesday and tonight ridding my house of lice.  tuesday night was spent ridding o’s head of them and then her room.  last night was the rest of the house including washing umpteen loads of laundry and vacuuming the entire house.  tonight i’ll finish the laundry and remake the beds.  i did the treatment on her on tuesday so for the next 7-10 days we have to carefully comb her hair after bath with a special comb and then on day 9 we have to do another treatment to make sure we got them ALL.  i was NOT prepared for this.  i called my mom and she didn’t really know what it looked like b/c we never had it.  i have to think she picked it up at daycare and it makes me so mad!  some parent sent their kid to daycare with it either not knowing or not caring to share this info with the center and therefore my child got it.  i had the common decency to call up there wednesday to let them know so they could debug her classrooms and let the other parents know to watch for it.  THAT’S WHAT GOOD PARENTS DO.  i was so embarrassed but o’s sweet teacher assured me there was nothing to be embarrassed about.  it happens and we deal with it.  i was so scared they’d think we’re dirty people or something like that.  i’m over that now.  i know we’re not dirty.  :)  so please pray that o tolerates these 1-2 hour long combings every night for the next several days.  and pray for my patience as i do it and try to control her at the same time.

then wednesday it was determined that the ballast in my kitchen light had gone out and that’s why my new light bulbs didn’t work.  thanks to shawn cramer i can now see again!  he came over, figured out what i needed, went to lowes and bought it and then came back and fixed it.  now that’s a friend right there!!  thanks sheree for loaning me your hubby for a couple of hours!  while he fixed my light i continued the debugging process.  then i decided to do a lice treatment on myself “just in case” and as i was leaning over the tub trying to wash my hair (which by the way i’m way too old to do now) i discovered that my bathtub drain was going way too slow.  seriously.  of all nights.  luckily i had 1/2 a bottle of liquid plumber and that took care of it.  fun times in the hamby household i’m telling you.

tonight’s not so bad.  finishing up the umpteen loads of laundry, remaking the beds, etc.  for dinner i made this:IMG_9716and it was so good!  who knew homemade veggie pizza could be so tasty!  i’ll definitely be making this one over and over and over…

we’ve got a pretty low key july 4th weekend planned.  some swimming with aunt jackie and then temple’s fireworks show.  taking it easy on monday.  but super excited for a long weekend with o.  even if it entails 1-2 hour combings each night… 


  1. When I was teaching, I had a mom call me very upset that her daughter continued to get lice from a little boy in my class whose mother continued to send him to school without telling us he had lice. She felt much better when I told her that lice prefer CLEAN hair. That is why her daughter continued to get lice. Needless to say, I washed my hair with RID several times that year just out of fear and wore my hair in a high ponytail almost everyday. Once a week, I would get the school nurse to pick through my hair. The problem finally went away when a team of nurses went to the child's house and helped the mom sanitize. Glad you got it taken care of and hope you don't have to deal with it again!

  2. Lice don't like coconut. You can use coconut oil as a treatment, and a shampoo with real coconut oil in it as a preventative. I think there is even a suave version. So sorry y'all are fooling with this.

  3. Oh no! What a week, indeed! Hopefully it'll just be this once and you won't have to deal with it ever again. Btw, I love the new intro pic of O.

  4. My mother is generally considered the cleanest person in Winn Parish, and both Kendal and I got the head lice at some time or other in school :( Mine was traced back to sharing a hairbrush in middle school. I can VIVIDLY remember we had "lice check" before we could come in the house for literally YEARS after it happened. I am SO SORRY you are having to go through this...but at least Olivia's hair is pretty thin. My poor mom was about to go looney pulling those nits out of my thick mop :) Happy 4th!!