Thursday, July 28, 2011

the bronch

it happened.  i’m glad it’s finally all over.  our morning started at 4:30.  rett got here to pick us up about 5:15 and we were on the road by 5:25.  mom beat us to the hospital by 15 minutes and i may never live that one down.  :)  after getting checked in we headed to the 2nd floor, ASU.  one up there we got o in her gown and let her open her “prize” from me.

(rant – barbie is NOT the barbie that we knew.  i picked the most clothed one i could find and she is STILL skanking it up.  hootchie mama dress; platform shoes.  the whole 9 yards.  if you’ve not experienced this please go to walmart and buy a barbie.  then you’ll know what i’m talking about!)

 IMG_9858 IMG_9861

then it was time for vitals.  she passed with flying colors.IMG_9863

then time to meet the anesthesiologist.  it’s here we learned this was NOT being done under conscious sedation.  they were putting her under.  i was caught off guard by this.  just wish i’d have been prepared. 

IMG_9864 IMG_9867

she then got 2 cc’s of versi-something.  this was suppose to make her “drunk”.  well, she’s kind to her aunt jenny…i’m not sure she felt the least bit drunk.  she totally kept her cool and never let on that she may have been seeing 2 of each of us.  at one point i joked that she would be an expensive date MUCH later in life.  then it was time for them to take her back.  the sweet nurses came in and asked her if she wanted to “drive the barbie car” (crib) and they brought her “seat warmers” (warm blanket).  she got in that crib, sat on the blanket and off they went.  she NEVER whimpered.  about 20 minutes later dr. pepiak came out and told us she was fine.  they discovered that she has some “narrowing” of the left lung b/c of the way her heart is positioned but that this is not a serious issue.  she will wheeze for the rest of her life when she gets sick.  i can handle that.  then about 10-15 minutes later they brought her back from recovery.  she was kinda groggy and wrapped in that warm blanket.  when they wheeled her in the FIRST word out of her mouth was “pops”.  guess i know where i stand!  he was proud!  we got her up, she drank a little juice, we got her dressed and we were out of there!  IMG_9869 IMG_9870

then on to breakfast at lea’s.  o was still pretty groggy but considering that they told us she may not eat all day (sore throat from the procedure) she did pretty well!  IMG_9875

once home she was her normal self.  she’s loving these boots a sweet friend gave us!  she played with her new barbie (i’ve named this barbie skank but i’m thinking i need to change that so she doesn’t take her to church one day and show her off as “skank”.  that’d be odd…)  mom kept her this afternoon and i went to work.  she did take a solid 2 hour nap but other than that she is back to normal.  glad to know that anesthesia doesn’t bother her too bad!IMG_9878

and i’m thrilled that all of this dextracardia stuff is finished!  we’ve met with all of the specialists and done all the tests.  we couldn’t have scripted this any better.  she has a heart condition that is basically a technicality.  we will see the cardiologist once a year from here on out just for safety’s sake.  the pulmonologist told us we were done with him unless something crazy happened and i don’t see that happening but i’m glad we now have her established as his patient just in case.  we can now resume our lives with our healthy little girl.  no more worrying!  thanks for the prayers.  they were felt!  especially when they dropped the bomb about full blown anesthesia!

oh, and i have pictures of her lungs.  when she’s 14 i’m going to show them to her and explain that she doesn’t have a “full” left lung so smoking and drugs would do worse things to her than a person with normal lungs.  hopefully this works and she’ll never smoke!


  1. so glad things went well today and with all the other tests! I know you will all rest better now!

  2. OMG you're so right about Barbie. I was shocked when I tried to buy a 6-year-old a Barbie gift recently. None of that stuff is appropriate for kids!!!

    And I LOVE the look on her face at the restaurant afterwards :) Glad the news was good and it's all behind you now!

  3. Praise God for the good reports!! SO glad you have more assurance that O is a healthy girl. She is just precious in those boots! Much love!

  4. Just fyi: when I went to post the last comment, the word verification was "blessess" it has an extra "s", but it still is true...He blesses! :)

  5. So glad everything went well!

  6. Fantastic news! I'm so thankful everything turned out fine for O!