Wednesday, July 6, 2011


just for documentation purposes… 

monday night after bath i had o on her changing table doing our after bath routine and she looked at me and said “mama kiss” and grabbed my face and kissed me, then “mama ruv you” and then “mama hug” and hugged me.  i’ll never forget it.  i was so excited!

last night o was up a good bit past bedtime watching elmo.  (backstory – i ALWAYS lay o on her back when i put her in bed and she stays that way and talks to me for a minute.)  i put her in bed and she immediately rolled over onto her stomach and then flipped wig b/c she couldn’t find mimi (a pink lovey she sleeps with).  so i gave her mimi and she flipped wig again screaming (in a scared way) “natalie and baby in bed?”.  (we go through this EVERY night – she always asks if they’re in bed also and i assure her they are (they are her baby dolls.))  it was almost like a “i’m tired and so ready for bed but i’m their mother so i have to check on them first” kind of way.  normally we go through this at least 4 times every night; last night she accepted my answer the first time and was OUT!  i realized that she treats her baby dolls like i treat her.  i sure hope i’m setting a good example!


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  1. You ARE setting a good example for sweet O. And one day, she'll be tucking in her own babies hoping the same thing for them...