Thursday, July 14, 2011

it’s not always roses around here.

this week is evidence.  monday evening started kinda rocky and tonight ended in hours worth of tears.  i’m not sure what’s going on with her but nothing is making her happy this week.  tonight was full on drama.  once i got her calmed down (2 hours after it all started) we talked about why she was acting like this.  i hope i explained well enough that it’s not nice to act out and that if something is bothering her she needs to try her best to tell me.  she agreed.  :)  we’ll see how that goes.  i’ve emailed her teacher to see if she’s not been napping or if something is going on at daycare.  otherwise i’m out of options.  unless maybe she’s having a growth spurt or something that i don’t know about.  do growth spurts make you cranky?  regardless, something’s gotta give!  it’s wearing me out.  could her 2 year molars be coming in?  but she’s fine in the mornings.  it’s just evenings.  idk…

this was tuesday when gg came to town.  minnie mouse now goes to dinner with us.  :)IMG_9819

tonight i tried a new activity since her current toys aren’t that entertaining anymore (apparently.)  i saw this on kelly’s korner and her daughter loved it.  o liked it for about 5 minutes.  i started her with 2 plastic bowls.  she ended with those 2 bowls, a pot, a colander and a measuring cup.  again, my childproof cabinets aren’t very childproof.IMG_9821 IMG_9820 also, the past few weeks she’s not wanted to go to the nursery at church.  she did LOVE that place.  what is up with my child?IMG_9817 hopefully she’ll be back to her normal, happy self soon.  this has got to be just a phase that shall pass.  i hope!  pray for us!


  1. Is her nose still running? Maybe it has something to do with that? I'm not one to have answers considering we have these days, too... However, mine does act out more when he's not 100%. Hope Miss O straightens up for her mama quickly!! lol!

  2. it's not. that lasted about 2 days. of course it pours when she cries (which is every night!) but i expect that! ha!

  3. This too shall pass. I remind myself of that EVERYDAY. Just remember that you ARE NOT the only one going through tough times, Jessie! So glad you talked about this. As parents we often try to analyze and pick situations apart. Perhaps she's going through a stage that will hopefully only last a week:). My Jake is a whiner and it drives me C.R.A.Z.Y. Hugs to you!!