Wednesday, July 27, 2011

prep work

tmrw is the big day.  o’s bronchoscope.  my alarm is set for 4:30 am and i have a friend that is hopefully going to remember to call me to MAKE SURE i’m up.  we have to be at st. francis at 6 am so we’re planning to pull out of here at 5:20 am.  i’m not looking forward to it.

i’ve spent the evening ironing our clothes; getting o’s breakfast together to take with us so as soon as she can eat i’ll have it ready.  i’ve got her “prize” wrapped and ready.  she’ll be receiving her very first barbie doll right before the iv goes in to hopefully take her mind off the needle. 

i’ve got the necessary paperwork together.  what am i forgetting? guess we’ll figure it out once we’re there and i don’t have what they ask for!  ha!

when we were saying our prayers tonight i asked Jesus to keep her safe during the procedure tmrw.  this was the first time i’ve mentioned it in front of her.  she didn’t miss a beat so either she’s oblivious to our prayers every night or she doesn’t know what a “procedure” is so she just chose to ignore it!   :)

i know she’ll be fine and i’m pretty positive they won’t find anything glaringly wrong.  i just have a peace about this and i think it’s just a precautionary measure.  so, prayers tmrw morning are much appreciated!  thanks!

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