Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunday fun day

mom brought olivia back about lunch time today so we went to lunch at log cabin with her and jenny.  o did so good!  she can be so good in public when she wants to be!  ha!  afterwards she got some dessert at home to try out her new booster seat.  that’s right; no more highchair.  i’m kind of sad about that.  had i known i was going to do it this weekend i would have documented her last meal in the highchair.  but it was a spur-of-the-moment decision so here we are.  i like it.  one, it cleared up some space in my “dining room” and two, i think this is going to force me to sit at the table to eat with her.  we’ve gotten into a bad habit of eating in the living room (her on the floor and me in the chair) while watching tv.  i don’t want this to be her normal growing up so i’m vowing to break it now.  i remember sitting down at the table every night growing up and having to discuss our day.  right now o doesn’t talk to me about her day but one day she will!IMG_9848 and then…  we went to her first movie!  it couldn’t have gone better!  when i saw that winnie the pooh was showing in theatres i knew this would be her first movie.  she really enjoyed the movie and at the end was asking me for honey!  at least she got something out of it!  i had to remind her a few times to whisper but honestly, it’s a kids movie.  what do people expect?!?  IMG_9851 IMG_9855

maybe i just wasn’t the biggest pooh fan growing up or maybe i just forgot but i don’t remember eyore being so depressed.  was he always the most depressing donkey ever?  they make meds for that now!  ha!

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  1. So fun! And funny! We have been talking this week about the booster seat and going to see the Pooh movie for Anniston's first movie theater experience, too! :) Wish we lived in the same town to go through all of this together! Hope y'all are well!