Sunday, July 24, 2011


oh my.  i was knocked on my butt tuesday and didn’t leave my house until saturday except to go to the dr on wednesday.  i don’t ever want this again.  and i sure don’t want olivia to get it; it was painful!  let’s recap (not that you care but b/c i want to remember it in case it happens again.)

monday – had a weird headache and thought that was weird b/c i never get headaches.  took ibuprofen all day long.

tuessday – woke with sore throat and extremely sore torso.  like my ribs hurt.  all morning at work i had chills and the pain extended up to my neck and down to my legs.  took temp at lunch (99.9 – i don’t consider that a fever.  it’s a temp; no big deal.)  took some ibuprofen, went back to work and started feeling better.  went to bed early (like 9 pm) b/c i was so tired i couldn’t keep my eyes open.

wednesday – woke with the same symptoms as before but with 102.3 fever.  it got up to 102.7 that day.  stayed on the couch all day except to go to dr.  strep test confirms.  got a shot.

thursday – temp got up to 101.9 this day.  laid on couch all day.

friday – temp got up to 100.9 this day.  did nothing except a trip to sonic for a slush.  it was good!

saturday – finally woke up with some energy, the desire to shower (i showered the other days, don’t worry, i just didn’t have the desire to do it!) and the need to get out of this house!  i think i’m on the mend!  later in the afternoon temp was 99.9 but i don’t consider that anything.

today – i think i’m over it.  finally.  the dr told me i’d start to feel better friday afternoon and by monday i’d be a new person.  well, i felt SLIGHTLY better on friday but not much.  however, saturday was a different story.  so he wasn’t too far off!

sadly, i had to miss the family trip to houston to visit my grandmother for her 90th birthday.  i hate that.  but i would have hated it more to go and then her get sick so i stayed back.  if you’re reading this mamamack, happy birthday!  hope it is a great one!

olivia had to be banished from the house for fear that she would also get it.  so basically i was quarantined for 3 days.  i’d like to thank jackie for offering to bring me lunch on thursday and jenny for actually bringing my lunch that day!  and my dad for going to the grocery store for me on friday b/c i ran out of water and was on my last roll of toilet paper!  and my mom for faithfully calling and texting all week to see how i was doing. 

i’m well now!  and i’m ready to get back to the real world!


  1. Bless your heart! I know we all want some ALONE time occasionally, but NOT like that! AND even though you feel better, I don't think you EVER get caught up on rest...or laundry, for that matter! Glad you're feeling better and ready to go again!

  2. That sounds aweful! So glad you are feeling better!!