Friday, February 24, 2012

date your man

my friend amanda at the daily sweatpants is having a link-up party and I do just love those!  it’s all about your most recent date night.  this time last year I would have run like the wind from this event.  now I really like it!  Smile  date nights are so fun.  and it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.  when I told the boy that I might document in photos our night so I could blog it and link up I think he threw up a little in his mouth.  he’s very lucky that I got so caught up in talking and eating that I totally forgot to ask the waiter to take our picture.

so, the date.  we went to raw.  it is probably my favorite place in town to eat.  I had the squid salad, rainbow and spicy tuna.  he had the miso soup and a california roll.  clearly we now know who the eater is in this dynamic duo.  he couldn’t finish his so yours truly finished it for him.  after all, a clean plate is a happy plate.  in my defense I had warned him that I was super hungry and we were eating after my normally scheduled dinner time so that added to my hunger.  when it was all said and done I was so full it hurt.  but it was so good!

I’d given him a reprieve on going to see the vow.  I really want to see it but I knew we couldn’t make the 7:25 and I would most def fall asleep during the 9:50 showing so we just went back to my house and caught up on american idol.  my fav, phil phillips, made it to the top 24!  then we called it a night.

there you have it.  a photoless, low key date night.  minus the photoless part it was spot on. 


  1. know I am dying to see a photo! Nonetheless, thanks for linking up and maybe next time I can see your mystery man. Praying for y'all!

  2. I have to agree with Amanda, I want a photo of you and the man at RAW! I know he doesn't want to be published so I will let it slide.

    What a fun date!