Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday funnies

A couple of funny things happened at church today. 1-the lady sitting 2 down from me slept through most of the service. And it was the annual jazz service! Hard to sleep through that! 2-I was born and raised a Methodist and something happened today I've never heard of. Apparently during lent you extinguish the candles one by one that u lit during advent. Is this something new by the Methodist church? I asked my friend sitting next to me who was also born and raised Methodist and she'd never seen it/heard of it either. So, have I just never paid attention or is this just not a commonly practiced tradition? 3-the annual jazz service is one of my favs! Trinity hires a jazz ensemble and we always sing great old hymns and it's a great time. At the benediction bro Jerry proclaimed that it's hard to stand still during that kind of music even for white folks! Everyone got a chuckle out of that! Even though I prefer the traditional service that doesn't mean we can't laugh and also have fun occasionally! :)

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  1. Born and raised Methodist; granddaughter of a Methodist minister. I've never heard of extinguishing the Advent candles during Lent either. Could be a very old tradition being brought back, or the beginning of a new one. We Methodists are very methodical and I may have to do some research on this one!

  2. Apparently, even though the Advent wreath has 5 candles, there are 6 to be extinguished during Lent. One is extinguished each Sunday after Ash Wednesday. This symbolizes the approaching darkness of Jesus' death on the cross. The article I read didn't say if it is an old or new tradition, but I had never heard of it! Several articles came up when I did a search, not limited to the Methodist Church.