Monday, February 13, 2012


Kappa Delta national collegiate training academy. That's where I went this past weekend. The entire council and a CAB advisor from every chapter in the nation had to attend the event-it was mandatory. There were over 1600 kd's there. It was the largest gathering of kd's in the sorority's history. I must say that I did learn a lot about the organization that I love so much so I'm glad I went. I was never able to attend a national convention when I was in the chapter so this was my first glimpse into the world of kappa delta outside of Ruston. There were some great speakers and presentations. It did kind of inspire me to be a better leader in everything I do. So I'd say they accomplished their goal. Our chapter's council is a great group of 10 girls that have their heads on straight and I'm excited to see how they take the information learned here and apply it. Saturday's dinner was cocktail attire and it was fun getting dressed up! Haven't done that in a while!

Me, our council and Corre.

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