Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Cupid came to see both me and O this year! He left o this lifesize Minnie mouse. She loves her! She was also super pumped to wear her valentine shirt and for her school party/valentines for her friends!

She said, "Minnie is big like me!!"

A friend passed along the idea for o's class valentines. It was a brilliant idea. But it did take me more than a minute to tie them all together. Thanks to Brittany Napper at Dixie Papiere for the awesome tags! Last night she sat at the table and named all of her classmates and was just so excited to take them each a gift. It was so cute!

I tied a bag of Hershey kisses to a kool aid jammer for "a squeeze and a kiss!!"

My Cupid came yesterday in the form of roses. The boy did real good. :)

So o and I are both happy campers today. Hope u are too!

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  1. You have a pretty nice cupid! Love those Valentines treat bags.

  2. I did the same valentines treats for my daughter Ashley. I have them on my blog what I am loving Wed. What a nice cupid!!! Have a great weekend.