Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jenny graduates. Again.

It was hard fought but she did it. When she passes boards she'll be a nurse practitioner. Thursday was the pinning ceremony.

This morning was graduation. She was required to walk. I don't care who I know that will ever graduate from GSU but I will never attend another one. It was a political rally for Obama. The speaker was awful and pushed her own agenda. And after being told to hold applause/noise it still sounded like we were at a basketball game. (I know that goes on everywhere but it was especially bad today.) with all of that said I can say that their new assembly center is nice, their campus was clean and people were very nice. But that doesn't make up for the personal agenda of the speaker regardless of your political beliefs. There's a time and a place for that and a college graduation isn't it!

Dad supported in his black and gold. :)

The boy, Olivia and I left right after Jenny walked to meet Jackie for lunch bc she never was able to get off the interstate due to traffic.

Shout out to Jackie for also graduating today with her masters in education. But she didn't walk. We're celebrating tomorrow with a family party!

I guess I need a masters now. I feel slightly inadequate.

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  1. Way to go Jenny! I've never been to GSU's campus, but I can only imagine that a commencement "Obama Rally" is painful to sit through.