Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer fun

Friday night I let o ride her bike on the road for the very first time. She LOVED it! The video is great but my blog doesn't like videos. Boo. My college kid neighbors need to spruce up their curb appeal! I didn't get her in bed until after 9pm.

We got up Saturday morning and headed to the farmers market then to the grocery store. After putting groceries away, washing produce and dragging out the swimsuit/sunscreen process as long as I could it was finally 11am and time to go swimming! I joined the tech intramural center bc the new pools are so nice! We met the Love's and Wilkerson's and Smith's there and the kids had a blast. I had fun too!

O refused to nap. Shocking. We dressed and headed to Missy's for a Kentucky derby party.

My horse won!!! Too bad I don't believe in betting. :) Miss Brooke came and picked o up abt 6 and the adult party continued at portico.

Brooke said o lasted til after 9! I was really shocked considering she'd stayed up late the night before, swam and skipped nap. But that means she's resting peacefully right now as I type this!

This morning she got to pick out her own shoes. More accurately, I just didn't want to fight it. She def has a mind of her own. Aren't they lovely?!?

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  1. Wow, the intramural pool does look nice!