Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo dump

Shyly dancing at el jar Tuesday at lunch.

Wearing the "cowboy" hat. It's really my new beach hat for my 3 (THREE!!) beach trips this summer.

Shaking it for the patrons at canes.

Then getting low. Oh my. Rabbs better watch out in 20 years. :) (assuming she goes to tech. I mean, she'd never want to leave me would she?!?)

I wish my stupid blog would load a video bc I have a good one from last night. I'm sure her future dance teachers will have their hands full with her!!

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  1. You would DISOWN Olivia if she even thought of going somewhere besides Tech! Also, how do you get your pics in a certain order when posting from your phone? I can't seem to get mine to do anything other than all at once at the end of a post (see my last post). See y'all at the par-tay!