Thursday, August 27, 2009

i just love a good sale!

today was the local baby/kids consignment sale. lordy. this thing is like one big baby/kids garage sale. it's a great place to find anything you could possibly ever need - for CHEAP! this was my second sale to particiapte in. i volunteer to help with the sale (4 hours each go round) and i get to be in the first group to shop. here's just a sampling of what all i got!

olivia's thanksgiving dress for this year - $6!
her christmas dress for next year - $10!
18 pairs of footie jammies - not all the same size! she'll have to grow into half of them!
i also got a jogging stroller for $32, an activity table (for when she can pull up and stand) for $10, and a johnny jump up thingy for $4!

rett loves it when i'm frugal; he is a cpa after all!

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