Friday, August 7, 2009

wedding fun!

ok...i can't get the pics in the order i want them...this is the best i can do!
i've been a stalker of kelly's korner for a while now. she's been doing a fabulous tour of weddings over the past few weeks. this is me playing catch up. wedding, reception, honeymoon-all in one!
we did a 7 day cruise for our honeymoon...
at a restaurant in mexico...
getting ready to snorkle in the cayman islands
on a beach in jamaica
i don't have my professional wedding shots on our computer b/c 5 years ago when we got married no one did that! these are just snapshots taken by family and friends - i realize they aren't that great. i wish i had a scanner to show you my favs!

here's how our wedding went down - normal church wedding with about 3x too many people! our church only holds about 250 and we sent out over 500 invitations! what were we thinking??? anyway, the reception was suppose to be at my parents house but the 30 day flood came the entire 30 days before my wedding. no kidding - it rained for 28 days out of the 30 leading up to our wedding. needless to say the reception had to be moved. but, i'm from a small town and there was no other place to hold everyone and everything. so, our solution.... the traveling reception. we started in the church fellowship hall for cake and food and punch. and then drove down the road for the band, beer and belly dancing (j/k about the belly dancing!) but, it turned out great! we had food and cake at both places. the "young" folks hurridly made it down to the 2nd location while the "older" crowed hung out at the church. we stayed at the church for about an hour or so and then headed down to the 2nd location! we partied there for another 2-3 hours and then headed out.
this was our first dance at the 2nd reception - i guess i was playing with my necklace? you can see here i changed into a shorter veil for the reception...
this is the best view i have of me and my bridesmaids dresses - theirs v'd in the front and back... mine was as simple as simple comes. no beeding, lace, etc...
my ceremony veil was cathedrial length with lace going about a 1/4 of the way up
mr. and mrs. rett hamby!
i loved everything about our wedding! except for the flood, i wouldn't change a thing!


  1. Pretty! I love all of the dresses!

    Don't you just love Kelly's Korner!!??

  2. Quick changes always make things adventurous - glad it all worked out!

    *Found your blog through Kelly's Korner

  3. My husband has been in my life for 20+ years and I still feel my heart skip a beat when he walks in the door.
    I pray that all you ladies have that feel for years to come.
    What a beautiful reception ~ the cake and decorations.
    Your honeymoon looks like you had a fantastic time!
    You both look so happy!