Thursday, August 27, 2009

patty cake, patty cake

you know the nursery rhyme....

patty cake, patty cake
baker's man
bake me a cake as fast as you can
roll it up
throw it in the pan!

what the heck is the next to last line??? i've been doing this with olivia and just can't seem to remember it.

speaking of baking... this is what jackie and i did last night. to be fair, this is pretty much what jackie did last night! rett and i only helped ice the suckers!

we made approximately 125 cupcakes. it only took 4 hours! this week is "spirit week" (the week leading up to rush) at tech. since jackie and i are in charge of the kd alumnae assoc we made cupcakes for the chapter from the alumnae assoc. they better love these things!

and, while we're on the topic of nursery rhymes - does anyone know the whole "this little piggy"? i can't remember this one either. i guess i just need to go out and buy a book of these classics...

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  1. "Take it, Roll it and Mark it with a "B" (or whatever letter) and put it in the oven for Baby (or Olivia) and me!"