Sunday, August 23, 2009

lots to talk about!

we had a really busy week around here! on tuesday we celebrated my dad's bday at our house. mom, dad, jenny, john, jackie, brock, me, rett & olivia. i didn't take any pics but jackie did a great job cooking - chicken fajitas...YUM!

one day last week rett was driving and saw this...look closely at the blue building in front of the truck hauling the trailer...
what a sad day! i knew they were taking down the "dawg house" ticket booths at the joe but it didn't really sink in until i saw this picture. these ticket booths have been around forever (well, at least as long as i can remember!) i started going to tech football games around 1981 and these have always been there! but, i guess we have to move ahead with the times! it was time for them to go...
thursday was super busy! after work i went and set up the jaycee's booth at the lincoln parish back to school bash. we raffled off two backpacks full of school supplies. it was really fun!then, ran home and set up for bunco that night. i served chicken salad, pasta salad & broccoli salad. hey, it's too hot to cook!and, what's a post without a picture of our precious baby girl??? she loves her tummy time! (j/k...)
yesterday olivia and i headed to the 'boro for a and pics coming soon!

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