Friday, August 7, 2009

still sick...

olivia is still sick. i took her to the doctor today and she is definately congested. she quit eating last night and wouldn't take her bottle this morning so that's when i decided to call the doc. she didn't want to give her medicine just yet b/c she's still so young so she told me to put her by the humidifier and to keep suctioning.... she also told me to give her pedialite to keep her from dehydrating. so, that's where we stand. she did start eating tonight though. i have to call the doc in the morning and give her my assessment and she will decide if i need to take her in again in the morning. hope she gets better soon!

here is our first picture of her smiling. rett took it wednesday night with his cell phone so the quality is not that great but you get the idea!
tmrw i am "spring" cleaning my house. it's not gonna be fun but has to get done!

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