Thursday, August 6, 2009


olivia is sick. not real sick but sick enough. she started coughing & sneezing last night and her breathing sounded "snotty". however, she wasn't running a fever, she was eating fine, sleeping fine, no runny nose, etc. so, i called the doc this afternoon. she's too little to give medicine so they told me to just squirt some infant saline up her nose and to suction before every meal and nap. we started tonight. i also bought a humidifier to put in her room. now, i just have to make sure she continues to eat and sleep well and if not then she goes to the doctor. i think she "feels" fine b/c she acts fine but i still hate that she's sick...

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  1. awe!! I'm sorry!! That stinks! Poor, Liv! Hope she is getting better & not worse!